Divorce, Murder a mix of power and intrigue straight from a telenovela in Lesotho

Lesotho Kingdom, a former British protectorate surrounded completely by it’s big neighbour – South Africa. Made up of mostly of highlands with harsh environment which make resources scarce thus sending many Lesothians to South Africa in such of work and a better life.


In 2017, 58 year old Lipolelo Thabane was ambushed one evening while returning home and shot several times at close range, she died on the spot and her death was blamed on unknown people.

After further investigation by the the police it was revealed through court documents that the police commissioner wrote to the Prime Minister who also happens to be the enstranged husband of the deceased revealing that their was telephonic communication at the scene of the crime with another cell phone. The cell phone number belonged to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister during this time had been living with Maesaiah Thabane whom he married in 2017 before that Lipolelo Thabane had gone to court to be recognised as First Lady rather than Maesaiah and the courts had sided with her. when the police wanted to question her, she failed to turn up and on 10 January a warrant of arrest was issued for the 42 year old.

On 5 February Maesaiah was charged with murder and also attempted murder of a family friend who was with Lipolelo at the the crime scene and is expected to be a star witness, she is out on bail of about $67.


Maesaiah Thabanethe accused

A village girl with big dreams, moves to the city, Maseru where she meets her future husband, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, who is twice her age, in 2012 she begins living with Mr Thabane and took on duties of a first lady.

2017 Maesaiah accompanied him to his inauguration for a second term as Prime Minister just two days after Lipolele was gunned down. Two months later she marries him as a third wife in a catholic ceremony in Maseru.

She has been accussed of meddling in government affairs and has been on the run in neighbouring South Africa. She surrendered to police but has not taken any plea.


A quite woman who adopted children from her husbands first marriage, divorce for her was not on the table because she did not want to loose the benefits that come with the First Lady Office:

She died still fighting divorce proceedings, she had won in her husbands first term to be recognized as the First Lady.


At 80 he is well known as a strategist but this scandal may end his career, he has been a person of interest to the police but has not commented on the case. Divorced his first wife and married Lipolelo and then Maesaiah. One of Africas oldest career leaders, he ones fled to South Africa over a coup attempt but was brought back by the police.

His political party All Basotho Convention has decided he should step down due to the murder investigation , but he claims he is resigning due to old age.

HOLOMO MOLIBELI the policeman

Top policeman in Lesotho, his investigation could bring the Prime Minister down and jail the first lady. He filed court papers implicating the prime minister to stop him from removing him from his post.

Mr Thabane claims Mr Molibeli presides over a brutal police force and thats why he wanted to replace him. Mr Molibeli claims he has been threatened with death but describes the case as the most complex and dangerous he has worked on in his police carrier.

Peter Omondi