The gangland murder of IEBC ICT manager CHRIS ”chege” MUSANDO

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission data centre and infrastructure manager Chris Msando

The death of IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) ICT Manager Christopher ”chege” Musando has cast a shadow over the upcoming election on 8th August 2017. Mr Musando went missing on friday and was found killed in Kikuyu a suburb a few kilometers from the city.

According to the police report his body had head injuries and both his hands had been chopped off (a sign or maybe a warning to other ICT colleagues) using a machete. According to the IEBC chair

  There’s no doubt that he was tortured before being murdered

Also the the Regional Analyst at International Crisis Group Mr Rashid  Abdi  has observed that this will undermine and raise suspicion and erode public confidence in the outcome of the hotly contested election with opinion polls predicting a win for the opposition, it’s because he was someone involved in a critical component of the elections the electronic infrastructure.  He was also one of the few people with the knowledge on the whereabouts of the servers at IEBC:

Prior to his death he had given police reports of death threats against him and even went as far as naming them but no security was offered nor an investigation launched. According to available public records one particular person stands out, the current MP of Gatundu south Moses Kuria who also happens to represent  President Uhuru Kenyatta’s constituency in parliament. The above said MP was privy to the whereabouts of the deceased after he went missing and shared the information on his facebook page but has since the deleted the same. He was pictured posing with the late Mr Musando’s car with police officers allowing him to contaminate scene of a crime.

Mr Kuria is no stranger to controversy, he also once threatened the leader of opposition Hon Raila Odinga by claiming if he is assassinated the people would only riot for one week and life will go on, despite all his uncouth, foul primitive and uncivilized ways he’s always been protected by the President and his family because he acts as a political mercenary.

According to sources at IEBC commission Mr Musando was a man of immense intellect and integrity who gave great dedication to his work and it was difficult to compromise him. He was one of the brains behind the hacker proof KIEMS (Kenya Integrated  Elections Management System) that was supposed to shut down ghost voting completely.

Mr Musando may have been murdered by one of the most  corrupt and inept governments since independence in 1963, but kenya cannot be governed like yesteryear Chile under Pinochet or Nicaragua under ortega, the solace can be found in devolution, in people shunning tribal voting, fighting back against corruption, nepotism and turning up on 8.8.2017 to vote for leaders Kenyans can trust, leaders who can usher in a new era of sanctified governance.

Peter Omondi

Founder and Editor in Chief

The Local Africa News