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Africa, from space. (NASA)

Corporate South Africa Loses Faith in National Airline Bloomberg Corporate South Africa Loses Faith in National Airline … Speculation that South African Airways is in danger of going under could become self-fulfilling …

Letter from Africa: Is Kenya building bridges to nowhere? BBC News In our series of letters from African writers, journalist Waihiga Mwaura asks whether Kenya’s divides can ever be bridged. Twenty-one months ago,

New EU Commission Head to Start With Climate Summit, Africa Trip The New York Times BRUSSELS — The new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will attend a climate summit in Madrid and travel to Africa in her ..
Crypto in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges, Explained Cointelegraph Some tout cryptocurrencies as a perfect solution, which enable enterprising Africans to receive payments as they form business connections around 

Congolese, now Minnesota’s largest refugee group arriving from Africa, face uncertainty Minneapolis Star Tribune Congolese refugees are now Minnesota’s largest group of new arrivals from Africa, after the Trump administration redefined who is eligible for 

Activists on America’s right are lobbying against South Africa’s sex education syllabus Quartz They are Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA), the conservative teachers’ union SAOU, and the Family Policy Institute. The three organizations …
The battle to get Europe to return thousands of Africa’s stolen artifacts is getting complicated Quartz Up to 90% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s material cultural legacy is outside of the continent, according to the French government-commissioned 2018 report …

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